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Contact: +1 647 -655-3546

Hi I am Sourav Chatterjee.

I have close to 15 years of experience working with all aspects of the technical stack, from frontend to backend and databases for Startups and Enterprises.

I am especially excited by various Open Source Technologies, and is proud to have published multiple successful apps in the Google Play Store and App Store. I am a full stack engineer and like to operate at a lightening speed while ensuring no stones are left unturned in the code quality.

Key Skills: JavaScript, NodeJS, ReactJS, React Native, Redux, Apache Cordova, Offline Apps, Microsoft Azure, AWS Lambdas, Docker, JAVA, Objective-C(Novice), Elixir(Novice),SAP

I am busy father of two and a natural team leader.


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Side Projects

Sourav Chatterjee / cheappr_web

Sourav Chatterjee / cheappr